iOS 16 already widely adopted on iPhone, on the eve of the release of iOS 16.2

iOS 16 already widely adopted on iPhone, on the eve of the release of iOS 16.2

Mixpanel, which specializes in analyzing websites, allows us to obtain relatively reliable estimates of the number of iPhones that have installed the updates offered by Apple. We thus learn that iOS 16 would run nearly 69% of compatible mobiles in circulation at the moment, which presents itself as an excellent score, especially if we compare it to the results of Android in this area.

Updating gives access to dozens of new features. Presented this summer, iOS 16 includes new features from brands like the screen Always on or the very practical Live Activities. With this, major improvements dedicated to device security are also part of the game, which encourages the publisher to remind the importance of not delaying too long in downloading.

Apple’s strategy to improve the numbers

To ensure that iOS 16 is deployed as best as possible, Apple has several solutions. The first is, already, to preinstall the operating system on all iPhones in the store. Including older models, such as the iPhone 12. Released in 2020, these were originally delivered under iOS 14, but you can still find them in stores at a more affordable price than before.

Another example: the blocking of rollbacks. This means that after a certain time spent under a version of iOS, you can no longer choose to uninstall it to return to the previous version. Recently, for example, it is impossible to return to iOS 16.1 if you have installed iOS 16.2 before. However, some people don’t like this practice, which can lead to unresolved bugs. But it is also a question of providing users with the most recent security patches to date. Thus, pushing them to update guarantees a fleet of iPhones containing as few gaps as possible.

These 70% adoption are in any case a very good figure. In the past, iOS 15 and iOS 14 have achieved a 90% adoption rate 9 months after release. iOS 16 is on track to do the same by June 2023. iOS 16.2 could well participate in this elsewhere. This second update in .x of iOS 16 should arrive next week and include some great new stuff, described here. – Official App

By: Keleops AG