iOS 16 finally allows you to see the password of WiFi networks

iOS, the iPhone operating system, is derived from macOS, the proprietary Mac operating system. But unlike the latter, certain features, such as the management of WiFi networks, have so far proved to be quite rudimentary.

Indeed on Mac, you can easily access a list of WiFi networks you have connected to, change the order of connection priority, and remove current and past networks without having to be nearby. Even though iOS did not show, until then, inactive past connections.

iOS 16 solves a big problem around the management of WiFi networks on iPhone

Similarly on Mac it is possible to consult your WiFi passwords via the native integrated password manager “Keychain Access”. iCloud passwords were previously available by searching for “Passwords” in iOS settings.

But you can search in the manager, the list does not include all your WiFi passwords. This rather summary management of WiFi networks is surprising, especially when you know how often you may need to share one or more WiFi passwords in certain cases.

Especially since on Android, the management of these networks is much better. Apple has improved things a bit in the latest iterations of iOS by adding a feature to automatically share the WiFi password between iPhone and Apple products. But this feature remains incompatible with Android smartphones.

With iOS 16, simplified WiFi password sharing remains incompatible with Android. But it becomes at least possible to manage inactive networks like active networks, as well as to display their password.

iOS 16: how to display the password of WiFi networks

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For it :

  • Go into Settings > Wi-Fi
  • Touch Edit top right

You then have a list of all the networks (active or not) to which you have connected. You can delete each of them or click on the “i” surrounded by a circle to the right of each entry to view more information such as the Mac address of the access point, change IP settings, configure DNS and a different proxy if desired.

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Above all, if you touch the password field, it is now displayed in plain text, allowing you to easily share it with people who do not have an Apple product. iOS 16 even makes it easy to copy-paste that password so you can text it or send it through a third-party messaging app like WhatsApp.

Practical, right?

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