iOS 16 uses a lot of storage

The space used by iOS 16 system data is far from trivial. According to Apple, this is normal, here’s why.

The days follow each other and resemble each other. There is a catch with the new iPhone. One day is a camera problemthe other is the copy-paste pop-up who asks questions. Lately, the element of contention concerns the storage that system data takes on the new smartphone.

Example of how much space system data can take — © music.galaxy on MacRumors

This phenomenon mainly affects iPhone 14 Pro Max users. Indeed, they found that the system data of iOS took up a gigantic space. In some cases, system data completely overwhelms the storage of new iPhones. On different forums, there are many testimonies to this effect. Between concern and amazement, here is how to tackle this problem.

What to do if you are in the case?

At first, you can restart the device to recover some storage space, but the phenomenon reoccurs quickly. Apple support seems to be aware of the issue which is believed to be caused by the first iCloud sync. Indeed, at that time, Apple keeps the data for 48 hours on the device without classifying them within the different categories.

Secondly, once that 48 hour period is behind you, the data should return to normal if the device is connected to Wi-Fi and charging overnight. Apple stores all system data.

It wouldn’t be the first time that this issue happened. During the transition to iOS 15, the iPhone 13 experienced the same situation. It will therefore be necessary to be patient and hope either that space on Apple’s servers is available, or wait for an update.

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