iOS 16’s haptic feedback reportedly impacts battery

You have installed iOS 16 and your battery is draining faster? This feature may be at fault.

Following the launch of iPhone 14 on September 7, the Cupertino company deployed its new mobile operating system iOS 16. It includes a whole series of new features, including the haptic feedback of the virtual keyboard.

Before activating it on his smart phoneusers must be aware that they will necessarily lose autonomy.

What is haptic feedback?

This technology is not new, and refers to the vibration motor built into any smartphone. Moreover, Android devices have always provided haptic feedback that reacts to typing on the keyboard.

Like the digital battery indicator which made a comeback with iOS 16, keyboard vibration is one of the popular secondary features of the latest version of the operating system. But it would not be without consequence on the endurance of the iPhone.

A vibration that lets autonomy slip away

As confirmed by Apple in its dedicated support pagehaptic feedback affects iPhone battery life.

A point ultimately not very surprising given that it generates repeated vibrations. Thus, the more the user enters text, the more the smartphone reacts. As with any other feature, the more the iPhone is used and must generate power, the more the autonomy is affected. However, the manufacturer does not specify to what extent it is reduced.

Those who still want to activate or test it must open the Settings then access the menu “ Sound and haptics” , followed by ” Back keyboard“.

The iPhone 14 Pro and its very simple battery indicator.©Apple

Note that in parallel, Apple is working on improving the battery indicator, the latter having been the subject of numerous criticisms since the launch of iOS 16. During the next update, the icon will house always the remaining battery percentage, but in addition, its symbol will evolve and empty according to the level of autonomy, in order to provide more precise and more readable information, as is the case on Android smartphones, or in disabling this flag.

Note that the next minor update of the OS will also display the current charge level of the phone when it is plugged in or placed on a wireless charging pad.

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