iPhone 14 and 14 Pro wallpapers are available!

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro catch your eye but the budget does not follow? Do not panic, it is always possible to pass bladders for lanterns thanks to the wallpapers of new smartphones!

iPhone 14: blue / midnight / mauve / red / star light (touch/click the links to download the wallpaper).
iPhone 14 Pro: intense purple / gold / silver / space black (touch/click the links to download the wallpaper).

iOS 16 having profoundly transformed the way wallpapers work to accommodate the personalization functions of the locked screen, we unfortunately no longer find dark versions of images. There are always the images in clear version…

If you are looking for more original wallpapers than the official Apple images, of course the internets are full of them but The Iconfactory has put online Wallaroo. This is a catalog containing dozens and dozens of very cool wallpapers classified by categories that can be easily integrated to configure on the home or locked screen (with the help of a shortcut ). The publisher promises new features every week, which can be obtained by subscribing (€2.49 per month, €23.99 per year). Many images are free.


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