iPhone 14: Apple would only offer the eSIM and would remove the SIM card slot

Two days before the presentation of the iPhone 14, we learn that they may not contain a SIM card slot. Apple would have made the decision to only offer compatibility with the eSIM on its future iPhones.

The iPhone 14s are eagerly awaited by Apple fans, but also by many consumers around the world. After months of rumors and leaks of information, the new flagships of Apple will be presented this Wednesday, September 7 during theApple Event “Far Out”which we will follow live on our website.

One such rumor that has been on the table often is Apple’s abandonment of the SIM card, which would mark the beginning of the end of the physical SIM card. And today, journalist Mark Gurman seems to confirm this information in his “Power On” newsletter. According to him, Apple would indeed abandon the SIM card slot on the iPhone 14.

Physical SIM card, soon the end?

It’s been a while since we hear about the abandonment of the physical SIM card by Apple on its iPhone. No longer integrating a slot would make it possible to save a lot of space inside the devices, and therefore to be able to add larger batteries, or to integrate new functionalities via additional components. And that’s not all because the removal of this location would improve the waterproofing of smartphones, a fairly important selling point these days.

According to Mark Gurman, Apple would have taken this direction on its iPhone 14. The Bloomberg journalist explains in his newsletter to rely on indiscretions from the supply chain which evoke the exclusive use of the eSIM on future iPhones. However, he specifies that this change was to be made on a larger scale on the iPhone 15, which will not be released until next year.

Not all telecom operators offer eSIM, although more and more do. The four main operators (Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free) offer it to their customers, as well as via their low-cost subsidiaries (Sosh, RED by SFR and B&You). But on the side of virtual operators, there are still some absentees.

The iPhone 14 would then be a first major test of the abandonment of the SIM card, but the general abandonment of the physical SIM at Apple would take place in 2023 with the iPhone 15. Now it remains to have confirmation, or not, of this information during the Apple Event this Wednesday.

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