iPhone 14: soon a fix to avoid camera shake

One of the latest iPhone models, Apple’s line of smartphones, suffers from a particularly annoying bug. The iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max indeed fail to stabilize the image in some special cases of camera use.

As relayed BFM TV Monday, the phenomenon seems to occur when users try to take a photo with certain applications. The social networks Instagram, TikTok or Snapchat are particularly concerned.

This video shows the difficulty encountered. The camera lens itself begins to shake.

The concern would come from a compatibility problem between the applications concerned and the latest models of smartphones from the Apple brand. A hardware problem would be all the more problematic since the camera is precisely supposed to be one of the best assets of the iPhone 14. At the time of its presentation, the Parisian described it as follows: “Its main camera now offers a Wider aperture (ƒ/1.5 for amateurs) for more brightness and easier shots in low light conditions. On the video side, a mode Stock allows you to shoot scenes with moving subjects without too much shaking. »

Apple does not deny the current problem. Asked by ZDNeta spokesperson assures that “a patch will be released next week”.

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