Is your Switch storage full?  This 512 GB microSD is on sale

Is your Switch storage full? This 512 GB microSD is on sale

[Deal du Jour] The SanDisk 512GB Ultra is on sale at Amazon. An excellent SDXC card to increase the storage of your Switch, but also of your smartphone or tablet.

What is the promotion on this microSD?

This 512 GB SanDisk card can usually be found around €70. It is currently sold for €52.65 on Amazon.

What is this 512 GB micro SD card?

The SanDisk Ultra microSD is a pretty good performer, no matter what you’re going to use it for. You’ll easily get 100MB/s to 150MB/s read and up to 90MB/s write. It is also A1 certified, therefore optimized for good fluidity. It is therefore ideal for running games and applications when used with a smartphone.

It is also suitable for taking photos or capturing 4K UHD videos in a smartphone as well as in an SLR camera. Transfer speeds of this SanDisk microSD can reach up to 170MB/s, perfect for installing quickly Bayonetta 3 on your Switch and above all, significantly increase its storage. On smartphones and tablets, these transfer speeds allow you to move your content very quickly.

The SanDisk Ultra 512 GB microSD is sold with SD adapter // Source: Amazon

Is this micro SD card a good deal?

Essential for running many devices, a micro SD card of this capacity is a very good deal at this price. The SanDisk Ultra is a versatile card that is suitable for many devices for general use. However, if you are looking for performance above all else, range Sandisk Extreme has all the certifications expected of a high-end A2-certified microSD card.

Several storage capacities are available for the SanDisk Ultra. From 32 GB to 1 TB, they are currently all on sale.

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