“It’s a beautiful story between Pau and me”

Henri Saivet returned to his return to France, and particularly to Ligue 2, at Pau FC, after having known clubs such as Girondins de Bordeaux, Newcastle, and even the selection of Senegal.

“It’s still the professional world. I arrived at a club that was a nice surprise last year. It’s a beautiful story between Pau and me. We will do everything to maintain ourselves, without having a big budget, the year when there are 4 descents. I am happy to play again…”.

Because yes, the ex-Bordeaux spent a season without playing. “Yes, that is happiness. The field is where I feel the best. Acting is what I love. This is my passion. I take pleasure. Fight for my team. Lose balloons. I needed this. It’s an extraordinary job, we realize it even more after the Covid years. Being without a club for a year was very complicated.

He who started as a professional at 17, and who is now 31 (and soon to be 32, in October), does not see this passion fading. “She never left me too much. I am passionate. Well, there are times when I wouldn’t say we’re fed up, but when we need to see something else. The pace can be monotonous. Match. Coaching. Match. But we always scrape up the good times.”

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