It’s good to play with the best in the world | Manchester United

Malacia has established himself as a starter in defense since leaving Feyenoord in the summer and fans have quickly been won over by his tenacious tackling style and smiling personality.

Ahead of Sunday’s game against Arsenal, we spoke to the 23-year-old to find out more about the origins of his career and how his time in the Netherlands helped shape him as a footballer.

The discussion then turned to United, where Tyrell touched on compliments from legends, playing with Lisandro Martinez and much more…

Tyrell, let’s go back to the start of your football journey. You grew up in Rotterdam, can you tell us what it was like and how you started to get interested in football?
“My dad played football, that’s why I also played football. I also did a bit of kickboxing and in the end I chose to do football. When I was six years old I think , I started in my amateur club where my father also played and that’s how it started.”

Is that when you started to get interested in football or did you play before that, on the street?
“Yes, I always played on the streets in Rotterdam, in the south. I loved doing that, yes.”

How did that help form and shape you as a player, in your opinion?
“Everything, because I’ve always played with older guys, so you have to be stronger, faster and use your technique. So yeah, that helped me a lot.”

When did you join Feyenoord?
“I joined Feyenoord, I think I was around eight years old. I went there with a friend of mine and we did discovery days. They picked me and two or three other guys out of the 300/400 children at the end.”


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