Ivory Coast: Trial of the Grand-Bassam attack, an element of the special forces admits “the attackers were real handlers of AK-47 rifles”

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During the trial this Wednesday in Abidjan (ph KOACI)

Act 3 of the trial of theattack of Grand Bassam was held, Wednesday, December 07, 2022, at the court of Abidjan-Plateau. This session was marked by the entry into the saddle of eyewitnesses to the attack which left 19 dead and 33 injured on March 19, 2012.

They were for this hearing, four to testify at the bar. They are respectively Silué Lamine, aged 52 and a port agent residing in Grand BassamOulagnon Franck Eric Pacôme, 49 years old, maritime and port affairs officer residing in Bonoua, Kré N’Guessan Romaric 41 years old, unemployed, but previously receptionist at the hotel Résidence Étoile du Sud and KS, special forces agent.

If the first three experienced the scene of the attack far from the theater of the operation, the fourth experienced it while being in the heat of the action, because he was at the head of the unit of special forces based in Adiaké which was dispatched to the scene of the attack to confront the terrorists.

“There were 24 of us and once on the scene, the group was split into two sub-groups of 12 elements each. The first group of 12 was sent to the side of the southern star and the second to the side of the hut. Once there, we had clashes with the terrorists for nearly an hour, resulting in two attackers shot down by the unit I was leading. Unfortunately, we also lost three elements, two of whom were killed on the field and another who subsequently succumbed to his injuries”, says KS

When asked by the prosecutor whether or not the aggressors had a certain mastery of the weapons in their possession, the special forces agent replied: “The aggressors had a perfect command of the weapons in their possession. They were real handlers weapons AK-47. They fired bursts with a certain mastery. They were really overtrained.”

According to the special forces agent KS, the two terrorists shot down, wore jumpers with weapons magazines and were black skinned.

Pass of arms between the defense and the prosecutor

Between the defense lawyers and the prosecutor, discordant points resurfaced during the hearing of the special forces agent. While one of the defense lawyers sought to draw worms from the witness’s nose with a subtly conducted interrogation, prosecutor Adou Richard strongly opposed it, believing that the defense’s questions could reveal security secrets.

The prosecutor wished that for questions that could jeopardize the secrets of national defense, the debates take place behind closed doors. A proposal that was not to the taste of the defense.

The defendants have memory lapses

Cissé Antao AG Mohamed and Barry Hassan were the last two accused to appear before Judge Charles Bini of the criminal court this Wednesday, December 07, 2022. We note from the interventions of these two accused of serious contradictions between their statements recorded in the trials- statements of the dean of the examining magistrates and those made at the bar.

Si Cissé Antao AG Mohamed denied before the examining magistrate having gone to the beach with the named Kounta Dalla, presumed mastermind of the attack of Grand Bassamhe admitted at the helm that he was indeed part of the trip to Bassam beach and that he even bathed in the sea just like Kounta Dalla.

Accused for his part of having conveyed from Mali to Abidjan the weapons used in the attack on Grand BassamBarry Hassan has denied everything, arguing that he knows neither Adam nor Eve Kounta Dalla.

Claiming to be of Ivorian nationality, Barry Hassan had nevertheless argued before the investigating judge to be the son of Moussa Barry and Djeneba Barry, both of Burkinabe nationality. This same individual, by other falsely established papers, often responds to the name of Ange François Barry Batesti, named after the former minister of Houphouet Boigny whom he presents as his grandfather.

So many incongruities on which judge Charles Bini intends to return in the rest of the trial which continues this Thursday, December 08 from 1 p.m.