Journalists from French public media protest against statements by Emmanuel Macron

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Journalists from France 24 and Radio France International (RFI) protested this Friday against statements by the French head of state on France’s international influence, equating them, according to them, with “megaphones” of the Executive.

Thursday, during the Conference of Ambassadors *, at the Élysée Palace, Emmanuel Macron called for “assuming a strategy of influence and influence for France”.

“The world has changed […] and our country is often attacked […] in public opinion through social networks and manipulation. The African continent is the best laboratory,” said the French President, pointing to “the narrative, Russian, Chinese or Turkish” in Africa.

Emmanuel Macron then urged “better use of the France Media World network, which is absolutely key, which must be a strength for us”.

It should be noted that the public group France Médias Monde (FMM) brings together the international television channel France 24 (in French, English, Arabic and Spanish) as well as its websites, the radio channel RFI (in French and 15 other languages) particularly followed in Africa, but also Monte Carlo Doualiya, a public radio station in Arabic.

– Reaction of public media journalists

The Society of Journalists (SDJ) of the France 24 television channel reacted in a press release, stressing that “France 24, media of the FMM group, is in no way the official voice of France.

“It is a public service media, not a government media. It is not, either, an operator of the diplomacy of influence”, she added.

For its part, RFI’s SDJ indicated, also in a press release, that FMM “is not the spokesperson for the Elysée.

“Our journalists are in no way and will never be a tool at the service of your communication and your policy,” she stressed.

“We will never give up an ounce of our independence”, can we still read in the press release, deploring the “suspicion and discredit thrown on the work of the correspondents” of the French public media.


“Speech by President Emmanuel Macron on the occasion of the Ambassadors’ Conference” – Élysée, September 1, 2022

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