Kevin Durant completely fell for Ja Morant

Kevin Durant completely fell for Ja Morant

Outsider for the MVP trophy, Ja Morant started the season with a bang, and tonight he was exemplary in the Grizzlies’ win over the Nets. Not content with causing the exit for six fouls from Ben Simmons, he responded to Kyrie Irving’s arabesques, and he was as effective as he was spectacular. A rare player, and Kevin Durant is full of praise for his one-night opponent. Here’s what he said before the game.

“He’s a unique player and he really doesn’t look like anyone” assures the Nets winger. “He is very athletic and very creative. Physically, he reminds us of someone like Allen Iverson, even though he’s taller. He’s a lean, tough guy. He’s an amazing player! »

For Durant, Morant just like Zion Williamson, crossed last week at Barclays Center, are exceptional players on the athletic level.

“These two guys are unique,” Durant said. “I came to the NBA with DRose (Derrick Rose) and Russell Westbrook, and there are so many athletic guards that I forget, but those two stood out the most for me. The things they were doing were unheard of, and you see other players doing the same thing. I’m sure he draws inspiration from those two as well. The league is in good hands. »

“He is the best-selling player in our league, he is the face of the future of our championship”

Morant, Williamson or Doncic and Young, and soon Wembanyama are changing the NBA, but also the game.

“Over time, we see the evolution of basketball” Durant reminds. “The last 10 years, the next 15, you see guys who are in the NBA right now and who are going to help evolve basketball. That’s really what it’s all about. It’s not one player, two or three players who change basketball. It’s a group of us, and Ja is part of that group for sure. »

If Durant considers Zion and Morant to be “unique”, he still believes that Morant is the future NBA superstar. “He is the best-selling player in our league, he is the face of the future of our championship. There are so many kids who are inspired by what he does. »