Kingdom Come Deliverance comes in a board game with a participatory launch!

“On the sidelines of the history of video games” the Kingdom Come Deliverance board game will have the right to its own board game. Moreover, if you wish to participate in crowdfunding, meet at this address.

Features of Kingdom Come Deliverance – The Boardgame

  • The emphasis is on historical authenticity and storytelling.
  • Vast and immersive storytelling in a living world.
  • AI-driven NPCs to interact with and a unique combat system when things go wrong.
  • An app-driven “dungeon master” to keep track.
  • An adaptable soundscape and a fully narrated experience with multiple languages ​​available.
  • 210 items, 108 perks, 50 unique NPCs, 4 playable characters and 1 “invisible” app.
  • Available in French

The final price will be around 165€, however if you participate in crowdfunding, you can find this board game at 130€

It all started with a first person video game but today KCD aims to become a real top-down board game. For it, Warhorse Studios partnered with Czech board game creators Boardcubator, to bring this critically acclaimed historical RPG to life, but in the world of dice, tokens and tactical tablets. While the board game of Kingdom Come: Deliverance shares a few places and characters with the original work, it tells its own story here, on the sidelines of that of the video game, which can be seen as a successor, or even as a spin-off sharing the same universe.

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