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True anecdote or false anecdote?

No, McFly and Carlito are not in the room, and what Kalidou Koulibaly says in this interview for Oh My Goal is very real. With a smile on his lips, the former resident of Naples looks back on a moment that marked his life: the birth of his son. On January 16, 2016, while Maurizio Sarri’s soldiers were in a video analysis session, the Senegalese defender learned that his wife was going to give birth. The rest of the story is dantesque.

“My phone vibrates, and I can tell it’s my wife. At the end of the session, I call her back, and she tells me that her water is breaking and that I have to go to the hospital.launches the current Chelsea player. I remember that Ghoulam offered to pass me his car. But before going there, I warn the Team Manager. At that time, he tells me that I have to go to the coach’s office to warn him. » The clock indicates eleven o’clock, and Sarri learns that he will review his plans for the meeting against Sassuolo, counting for the twentieth day of Serie A, the kick-off of which is at 8:45 p.m.

“I explain the situation to him quickly, he tells me : “No you’re not going! You were supposed to play tonight, you just killed my plans, how am I doing?”, Koulibaly continues, who goes to the hospital all the same after a heated discussion with the sports director. Everything is going well, I become a father at three o’clock. And around four o’clock, I get a call from the club telling me that Sarri wants me to be at the hotel for the pre-match meeting. » Arriving very happy, but above all to help his coach despite the context, Koulibaly quickly learns that he will start the match on the bench. “I turn to Ghoulam when the team is announced and I say to him: “Is he serious ?”» Finally, the colossus of the Teranga Lions will come into play for the last quarter of an hour of a match won 3-1 by Napoli.

“I sat in the locker room at the end of the game and laughed to myself. And I thought to myself: “No, I don’t know where I fell, but this guy is really crazy”» concludes the former FC Metz player.


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