Kyrie Irving reacts to the return of Brittney Griner and scandalizes!

Very vocal about the Brittney Griner soap opera in recent months, Kyrie Irving obviously welcomed the news of the repatriation of the WNBA star inside. His viral message on the subject, however, made people cringe on the web!

His status as a league superstar alone puts him at the top of the news, whatever he does. Kyrie Irving only amplifies this phenomenon with his attitude that is often a source of controversy of all kinds. In the sauce after the anti-Semitic scandal he caused, the leader of the Nets recently saw the latter settle, and can therefore now act freely or almost on the web. Without getting everyone to agree.

Brittney Griner released, Kyrie’s controversial request

Not necessarily the type to comment on all the news he can read on Twitter, Kyrie however tended to often react to the Brittney Griner file, imprisoned in Russia for nearly 10 months. All with remarks widely criticized. Following the announcement of the player’s repatriation, he therefore logically wanted to send her a few touching words on the platform:

Welcome to Maison BG! Thank you for illustrating what a real Battant spirit looks like. You will always remain unconditionally loved by so many. 🤞🏾♾

A first nice message, on which Irving bounced back in a more questionable way a few minutes later:

@Amarve1ous: Now let’s release all our brothers and sisters who are not famous athletes 👀👀👀

Kyrie Irving: 🤞🏾♾

By validating and relaying this request, Uncle Drew has not only made friends on social networks. Some have indeed criticized him for demanding the release of detainees who have committed serious misdeeds:

Why not serve your sentence after committing a crime?

By wanting to express his support for American prisoners who are in the same situation as Brittney Griner, Kyrie Irving has once again drawn some criticism on the web. It must be said that the file was meant to be touchy from the start!