Lambs. There are places left for the activities of the Espace loisirs de la Toussaint

We have 110 places, but, by playing on absences, we can still register 4 or 5 children each day. Today, we welcomed 103 of them”,explains Bastien Dufour, director of the leisure area.

He is satisfied with the results of this first week of All Saints school holidays: The children walked, played, drew and crafted on the autumn and Halloween decorations.

Other projects at the end of the year

Next week will be devoted to the same themes, with the addition of a sale to parents of photography on the activities of their children.

The director of the Leisure area also announces the holding of a parent-child morning on the theme of Christmas, Saturday November 26th. It will be an opportunity for young people to make objects before taking them home. Finally, the Olympics project, namely physical and sports activities, will take place on Wednesday, December 14.

Leisure area, Place de l’Avenir, Lambs. Free entry, subject to registration. Contact: 02 33 57 77 60 or [email protected]

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