LastPass Suffered a “Security Incident”, Find Out If You’re Affected

LastPass has been the victim of a “security incident”. If the company wants to be reassuring, it asks users to be on their guard and change their password at the first present.

LastPass is one of the most popular password manager offers in the world today. Renowned for being real digital safes, these companies protect the data of millions of people, and must therefore have the best computer security technologies.

LastPass: A Prime Target for Cybercriminals

Despite all the protections taken, the very nature of their actions makes companies like LastPass prime targets. The attack took place in August 2022. During the attack, the attackers allegedly managed to obtain personal data from customers of LastPass.

For Karim Toubba, CEO of the company, this attack will surely not be the last and LastPass must do better in terms of cybersecurity. In a message posted on social networks, he explains to his company’s customers that they want “deploy enhanced security measures and monitoring capabilities across our infrastructure.”

A still very mysterious attack

Regarding the attack last summer, Toubba remained very discreet on this subject. He assures that an internal investigation is underway and that the passwords have remained encrypted and hidden from prying eyes. It also does not specify how many people may have been directly or indirectly affected by this attack.

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By: Keleops AG