latest iPhone update fixes small iOS 16 glitches

latest iPhone update fixes small iOS 16 glitches

This is the first major iOS 16 upgrade since its release in September. Apple rolled out Monday, October 24 iPhone operating system version 16.1. This update brings several new features and corrects certain problems noted since installing iOS 16mainly in terms of autonomy.

Offered to all models from the iPhone 8, the latest version of the operating system had caused for some users a significant reduction in the autonomy of their device, mainly linked to a new option on the virtual keyboard, haptic feedback, which allows you to have a small vibration when typing a message. Installing iOS 16.1 would solve this problem according to the findings of several specialized journalists. The update also allows all iPhones to display the remaining battery percentage, a feature that some devices were excluded from with iOS 16, reports the site. Numerama.

The download also closes several minor security vulnerabilities, listed by Apple on its sitewhich jeopardized the integrity of iPhones and iPads, whose users are advised to install iPadOS 16.

More broadly, iOS 16.1 brings several new features to the iPhone, such as shared albums on iCloud, the arrival of “Live Activities” to display the progress of a delivery or a sports meeting directly in the Dynamic Island of iPhone 14 Pro or secure sharing of car and room keys via the Wallet app.

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