Leboncoin, Vinted, Facebook Market… Why is second hand a hit on the Internet?

Leboncoin, Vinted, Facebook Market… Why is second hand a hit on the Internet?

Furniture, clothing, household appliances, decoration… The second-hand trend has spread to most sectors. And market players are innovating to meet the expectations of consumers attentive to their purchasing power and their carbon footprint.

“I do not know if the second hand will replace the current consumer model permanently, but in any case, she lives a second youth“, analyzes Marion Simon-Rainaud journalist at Echoes Start in Here we are! “According to experts, one in three French people last year (2021, editor’s note) bought second-hand. So it proves the interest and especially among young people because it’s almost seven out of ten between 18 and 24 years old who would have sold or bought second-hand”, she continues.

There is not yet a very precise study to say whether second-hand sells more on e-commerce or in stores. However, “industry leaders The good corner, Vintedare millions of visitors per day,” says Marion Simon-Rainaud.

You can find everything

In second-hand clothes, you can find everything, even luxury like Chanel or Dior on Communal changing room. In terms of price, it depends on the quality of the product, whether it is new or damaged, for example. Marion Simon-Rainaud explains that she found a pair of Dr Martens new at 70 euros, of a past model. In stores, a pair of Dr Martens sells for between 120 and 150 euros. “You had to be active on the platform at that time (…) I had dedicated time to this research. It’s not as easy as going to the store and to pay immediately with his shoe size, but the gain is there”, describes the journalist of Echoes Start.

The second hand is “effectively” another way of consuming, “perhaps more knowledgeable, more responsible”, sums up Flavie Flament. And today, fashion goes fast and buying a model with a season’s delay is not something dramatic either. “And on the contrary, it sometimes allows us to access products that we would not buy when they come out, because they are obviously cheaper second-hand”, also illustrates Flavie Flament.

What are the sites to do good business?

For clothing, the market leaders are Leboncoin and Vinted. On household appliances Marion Simon-Rainaud recommends the start-up Murfy which sells parts, washing machines and small appliances for the kitchen, second-hand fridges that they repaired themselves. “There is actually a pledge on how it works, because sometimes, indeed, we are a little helpless on Leboncoin or on Facebook Market where we don’t really know if it works in the end”, explains the editor of the Echoes Start.

For smartphones and computers refurbishedthere is the site Back Market. “For furniture, I personally recommend especially Leboncoin and Facebook Market, that’s really what I use,” she adds. “We must not hesitate to look around and take your time to unearth nuggets”, concludes Marion Simon-Rainaud.

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