“Les Ants” by Bernard Weber soon to be adapted into a video game

“Les Ants” by Bernard Weber soon to be adapted into a video game

Between Microids and Bernard Werber, it’s a long story. The publisher, which is one of the oldest in the country, had already offered an adaptation of the novelist’s success, The ants, in 2000. Since then, the technical means have greatly evolved: this is what gave rise to the desire to propose a new port, whose the release is scheduled for early 2024.

This project, developed by the small team of the Roche studio Tower Five, is a new video game in its own right: it’s not a reboot, but a modern experience faithful to the original work. In the shoes of an ant, you will have to lead the exodus of your colony, while taking a path strewn with pitfalls. On the program, therefore, exploration and strategy, with battles as epic as microscopicall in an environment of striking beauty.

During the first screenings […] some people had to leave the room, it was so realistic and stunning

Mathias Bugeon, product manager at Microids

More than a year before its release and while the development is far from being finished, The ants already impresses with its graphic qualities. A photorealism which gives a real soul to the infinitely small and which even seized the first spectators of the game… In particular the arachnophobes. Bernard Weber himself was impressed by the work of the teams and is confident about the quality of the title.

If there is still a long way to go, long months during which other information will be revealed in dribs and drabs, The ants version 2024, already looks ambitious and promising: further proof that in France we know how to make video games (well).

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