Lewis Hamilton announces new contract with Mercedes by the end of the year

He promised he would be with Mercedes “until the day of his death” just a month ago, and swore he never “wouldn’t stop anytime soon”. A few days later, his boss, Toto Wolff, confided that his pilot saw himself “five more years in Formula 1”. At 37, Lewis Hamilton is not done with Formula 1 and, without wanting to admit it, wants to obtain this eighth title which slipped from his hands during the final in Abu Dhabi last year, before to hang up.

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His current contract expires at the end of 2023, but he does not intend to prolong the suspense, as he did in the winter of 2020/2021. “We’re going to make a new deal,” the Englishman told the BBC on Thursday. “We’ll sit down and discuss it over the next two months. ‘I want to keep racing. I’ve been doing for 30 years and I don’t think I should stop.”

Arrived at Mercedes in 2013 from McLaren, Lewis Hamilton already holds the record for Grands Prix run with the same brand, and will even reach the figure of 200 participations on the occasion of the last event of the season, on November 20 in Abu Dhabi. Dabi. He also holds the record for victories (82) and pole positions (77) with the same brand, as well as with the same engine (103 in both cases).

Season 2022

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