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Comfort no longer becomes a luxury thanks to LG ELECTRONICS ALGERIA, with its new dishwasher model. It combines design, advanced technology and high performance in order to offer a certain standard to its consumers. The South Korean appliance giant is the leader in innovation, developing new technologies and products such as the LG QuadWash, a premium dishwasher with its elegant and harmonious design. Its steel finish blends in perfectly with all styles of kitchens and guarantees easy and long-lasting maintenance. Thus its control buttons and its micro LED digital display greatly facilitate the choice of parameters.

– Impeccable cleaning the first time

QuadWash technology is exclusive to LG that delivers maximum wash coverage and depth from the first wash. This uses four multi-directional wash arms and 360° high-pressure water jets. The LG QuadWash dishwasher is equipped with many features, among them the TrueSteam™ steam technology made from boiling water, i.e. more than 100°. Thus the steam generated by the water helps to sterilize and eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and germs. Pure water particles turned into steam help reduce limescale build-up by 30% for sparkling dishes. Moreover, TrueSteam® soaks and loosens stuck-on food before the main wash phase for clean dishes. The dishwasher’s Inverter Direct Drive motor is ultra-quiet and economical, backed by a 10-year warranty. This motor is electromagnetic with direct drive and efficient. Specific programs emanate from the Inverter Direct Drive motor that improve cleaning and drying performance. Such as the quick wash program and the turbo program that cleans dishes in less than an hour with QuadWash technology. Thus the Inverter Direct Drive motor offers optimal washes and saves energy in order to facilitate the daily life of its users. The Multi-jet wash function allows you to vary the intensity in the upper and lower baskets. The maximum jet temperature is 80°C during the rinse cycle for thorough cleaning. Easy Rack plus technology is an easily adjustable rack system with foldable rods. In particular, it allows you to place the dishes according to your needs, moreover the upper basket of the appliance has three levels for larger items. Finally, the QUADWASH dishwasher features Smart ThinQ™ technology, opening up new perspectives in terms of comfort and personalization through device connectivity. This connectivity is available through the LG ThinQ application, which allows you to download washing cycles adapted to all types of dishes, and many other options. Like the push alert for tank cleaning and Smart Diagnosis™ that will help you solve problems quickly and efficiently from your smartphone.

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