L’Expression: Continuous news – Hydrocarbons: Alnaft launches a digital platform allowing access to data from the Algerian subsoil

The Algerian National Agency for the Development of Hydrocarbon Resources (Alnaft) announced on Sunday in a press release the launch of a digital platform allowing access to data from the Algerian subsoil. Called “exploring Algeria today” (EXALT), this platform was launched on the occasion of the Abu Dhabi international oil conference and exhibition “Adipec 2022″, according to the same source. This “fully integrated” digital platform, developed by SLB, a technology solutions company in the energy sector, “enables seamless global access, anytime and anywhere, to all the data of the sub- Algerian soil and sustainable products”. According to the Alnaft agency, the “Exalt” platform constitutes “an unprecedented opportunity in the history of the Algerian energy market, which allows investors to explore new deposits, prospect and assess the potential of the national domain of hydrocarbons”. It also makes it possible to demonstrate “the value of national opportunities upstream and to promote Algeria’s hydrocarbon resources around the world, including through future calls for tenders”, it is underlined in the press release. The statement recalls in this sense that Algeria has a long history of oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) activities dating back to the 1950s, stressing that “these activities have produced a large amount of digitized data , representing one of the key competitive attributes of the country’s oil and gas industry”. The Exalt platform is deployed in line with Law 19-13 governing hydrocarbon activities and which aims to encourage international partnerships in this sector by introducing a simplified and competitive tax regime. Regarding Alnaft’s participation in Adipec 2022, the same source pointed out that Algeria is working “to develop and increase its reserves through its national oil company Sonatrach and joint ventures with oil companies and international investors”, while noting “that in terms of potential reserves, Algeria has the tenth largest proven natural gas reserve in the world with the third largest reserve of unconventional gas”. The president of Alnaft, Nour Eddine Daoud i, had declared that “60% of the hydrocarbon potential in Algeria is under-exploited or downright un-exploited and needs to be developed”, we still recall. The Alnaft Agency was created under the provisions of Article 12 of the Hydrocarbons Act of 2002, with the aim of promoting investments in the research and exploitation of hydrocarbons and evaluating the mining sector relating to upstream activities, in particular by carrying out basin studies and acquiring data.

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