LG invented a closet that cleans shoes

In the aisles of the IFA in Berlin, we came across a strange product. The LG ShoeCase is a kind of aquarium dedicated to the exhibition of its shoes. He can also disinfect and dry them.

In an ideal world, technological innovations would all be revolutionary. In reality, most of them are just gimmicks. All new products don’t change as many lives as the iPhoneas we were able to see during our visit to the show IFA 2022 from Berlin. There in the middle awesome gaming monitorsof robot massagers and laptops capable of foldingyou can find anything and everything, such as connected toasters, copies of Tesla or… jars to clean your shoes.

In Berlin, LG exhibits for the first time the ShoeCase and the ShoeCare, two connected pieces of furniture for people who want to take care of their shoes. These devices are intended for “the sneaker generation”.

A shoe museum

In Berlin, LG’s stand is quite impressive. Like every year at IFA, the Korean brand privatizes a kind of large hallway that it fills with its products. There is of course its very complete range of OLED televisions, but also screens, color changing refrigerators and gear dedicated to the house. In the middle of all this, a product surprised us: the “shoe box”, as all the French men and women we met at the show called it. LG exposes two:

  • the LG ShoeCase : a transparent box, like an aquarium, designed to “show off your shoes”. A smartphone application allows you to adjust the color of the light, to rotate them and to activate several options such as an anti-humidity mode or ultraviolet light to clean them. You can stack 4 ShoeCase to synchronize them.
  • the LG ShoeCare: a much more sophisticated closed cabinet, capable in particular of drying shoes, preventing them from mold or eliminating odours. Cleaning takes 37 minutes according to LG and is triggered on the smartphone.
In the future, will our shoe cabinet be connected? // Source: LG

And the price in all this? LG said nothing. The people we interviewed told us that the brand did not know at what price to sell these products and that they were counting on the IFA to get an idea of ​​the budget that customers would be willing to invest. The “shoe boxes” will first be launched in South Korea before arriving, if the demand is there, in Europe.

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