Lidl cuts fast charging prices with a new terminal station

Lidl cuts fast charging prices with a new terminal station

Lidl is preparing to open its first “e-station” in France, north of Lyon. It has 13 fast charging stations.

According to Lidl, this is a first in the world of mass distribution in France. On November 21, the German supermarket chain will open an “e-station”, with charging stations for drivers of electric or rechargeable hybrid vehicles. This is happening at the Lidl in Villefranche-sur-Saône, about thirty kilometers north of Lyon.

Of course, there are already charging points in French Lidl car parks. This time it is a question of a large station capable of accommodating 13 vehicles, with fast and even ultra-fast charging points. There is indeed the most powerful terminal on the market, 360 kW. With it, you can find 100 km of autonomy in 3 minutes.

The station, covered with photovoltaic panels, has one 360 ​​kW point, eight 180 kW points and four 22 KW points. It is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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Please note, however: contrary to what is often practiced with low-power terminals already installed in Lidl car parks, charging is not offered. According to the website ” NewsLyon“, it costs 25 cents per kWh on terminals up to 22 kW, 40 cents per kWh with 180 kW and 360 kW.

If this is confirmed (we are waiting for a response from Lidl), then the brand, known for aggressive prices in its stores, is hitting hard in terms of fast charging. 40 cents for the fast charging of most new electric models is very interesting. At Allego, since mid-October, it’s 98 cents per kWh on terminals over 50 kW! In between, we find the Ionity prices.

The advantage of this supermarket is that it is well located, near an exit from the A6 motorway.