lifting of the blockade against the headquarters of the political party Les Transformateurs

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After “a compromise”, the blockade imposed by security forces on the Transformers party headquarters was lifted on Sunday, Transformers Vice President Sitack Yombatina told Anadolu Agency.

Before the lifting of this security device near the headquarters of the Transformers, the leader of this political party, Succès Masra, had a “fruitful” meeting on Sunday with the director of the cabinet of the Minister of State, Michaël Didama, indicated the party on its Twitter page adding that the member of the government promised “the release of those who are arrested within hours”.

In a statement from his party headquarters, Succes Masra paid tribute to the more than 200 activists who had been arrested.

“I announce to you the greatest liberation of the nation (…) No one will stop this struggle, nothing will stop us (…) The monologue had become pointless. Today, the whole world knows it,” Success Masra announced.

“If there is no justice and equality, we will never be condemned to live together, I give you the floor,” reiterated the leader of the Les Transformateurs party on Monday.

As a reminder, on September 1, 84 activists of the said political party who were leading an awareness caravan for a meeting of the president of the party, scheduled for September 3, were arrested for “disturbing public order”, according to the police. .

Success Masra, leader of the Transformers party, announced on Saturday that 91 of his activists and members of his cabinet were arrested by the police, while they were talking “with the facilitators, religious leaders and elders, to find a consensus of national dialogue”, in which his party does not take part in the discussions.

The work of the inclusive national dialogue was suspended last Friday to allow time for mediators and religious leaders to meet with political-military groups not signatories to the Doha peace agreement and political parties such as The Transformers and the Wakit coalition. Tamma who have been absent from the discussion table since its launch on August 20th.

Work suspended Friday, must resume this Monday, September 5 without the Catholic Church and the National Bar Association of Chad who announced last weekend, their withdrawal from said national dialogue.

Several times postponed, the inclusive and sovereign national dialogue which opened on August 20 in Ndjamena is supposed to lead to democratic elections and restore power to civilians.

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