Lions, improve siding and gain experience

Leaving Dakar on the night of Saturday or Sunday, the Surfing Lions will take part in the ISA World Surfing Games scheduled for September 16 to 24 in the American city of California, more precisely in Huntington Beach. Their main objectives are to gain experience and above all to improve the Senegalese siding (the equivalent of the FIFA ranking). Two quotas for Paris 2024 Olympic Games are brought into play.

For these World Surfing Games 2022 edition, in California, the crowned world champion team will automatically be Qualified for the 2024 Paris Olympics. On the other hand, for the 2023 edition, we will take the best from each continent to propel it at the Olympic meeting on French soil. La Tanière intends to carry out its Californian campaign in order to return in 2023 with higher ambitions.

One of Team Senegal’s coaches, René Pierre Laraise, says, “the objective of Team Senegal is to have a good siding, that is to say to get a good team ranking; which will ensure that next year we will not come across big players during the group stage. Because those who do not make a good ranking or newcomers will inherit the big names. Whereas if we have a good siding, we will find people of the same caliber and we can easily overcome towers. This is the main goal of the Lions in California. »

And Laraise to continue: “The other objective of Senegal is to gain experience for the boys. There is a place at stake for Paris 2024, but Senegal are not aiming for it because it is devolved to the world champion team. We have no illusions about California. But from next year, the highest ranked country from each continent will have a place for the Olympics.“.

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