LIVE – Shooting in Paris: start of the rally, the suspect’s police custody extended

LIVE – Shooting in Paris: start of the rally, the suspect’s police custody extended


– Three people were shot dead and three others injured in central Paris by a French man who, according to Interior Minister GĂ©rald Darmanin, wanted “obviously to attack foreigners” and acted Alone.

– The 69-year-old man, known for previous acts of violence with a weapon, was arrested shortly after the incident and placed in police custody.

– The shootings occurred in the rue d’Enghien, in the tenth arrondissement of the capital, at the level of a Kurdish cultural center, and created panic in this lively and popular shopping district of the Kurdish community.

– “Three people died: two in front of the Kurdish cultural center, another in a restaurant, and another fight against death”, detailed Mr. Darmanin during a press briefing on the spot in the afternoon. Two people are less seriously injured and the alleged shooter was also slightly injured during his arrest.

– Emmanuel Macron denounced an “odious attack” of which “the Kurds of France were the target”. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz denounced a “horrible act”.

– The Paris public prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation for assassination, attempted assassination, intentional violence with weapons and violation of the legislation on weapons, entrusted to the judicial police.

– This attack caused great tension in the neighborhood. In the afternoon, violent incidents broke out between Kurdish demonstrators and the police, who responded to the throwing of projectiles with jets of tear gas.

– The judicial inquiry still in progress in France has revealed the “involvement” of members of the Turkish secret services, without designating any sponsors. The spokesman for the Kurdish Democratic Council in France (CDK-F) judged “inadmissible that the terrorist character (of the attack) is not retained”. “The political situation in Turkey concerning the Kurdish movement makes us think very clearly that these are political assassinations”, underlined Agit Polat.