Loire Plastic Industrie: A PET cap for single-material skincare jars

The group company Axium Packaging specialized in manufacture of injected and bi-injected boxes, caps and capswill present to All4Pack show in Paris, from November 21 to 24, 2022a brand new stopper for the 82 mm Twist off ring: the PET LYS cap.

This new cap is designed as a perfect complement to the ranges of PET jars fromActi-Packsister company of Loire Plastic Industrythus offering the possibility of a 100% recyclable mono-material jar and cap set.

Available in virgin PET material, the LYS cap is also available in 50% and 100% R-PET, crystal or colored.

In addition to the possibility of meeting the growing demands for eco-design and recyclability of packaging, Loire Plastic Industry believes that this new PET cap also has many aesthetic advantages, in particular with transparency and shine identical to those of the jar.

Loire Plastic Industryhas been offering standard products and customized packaging for more than 50 years for multiple applications for food, health and beauty and leisure products.

For the hygiene-beauty market, the French company has developed service caps or simple screw caps. Available in one or two colors, our caps with various shapes and finishes adapt to the standard screwed rings on the market, 20/415 or 24/410.

In addition to its standard ranges, Loire Plastic Industry develops and manufactures specific packaging solutions according to the specifications of its customers.

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