Lord of the Rings fans will love this mod

After the release of The Rings of Power series, Sauron invites himself into the famous video game Elden Ring.

For the past few days, the Fellowship of the Ring has reached the peak of excitement. Amazon has indeed unveiled the first two episodes of its series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power and this start to the season seems to be causing a sensation. And with all this turmoil, it’s the franchise as a whole that is experiencing a resurgence in popularity, more than 20 years after the theatrical release of the first part of Peter Jackson.

Lord of the Elden Ring

A popularity that even extends to the world of video games, and we’re not talking of the next game from Take-Two studios. It’s in Elden Ring that the ring invites itself, through a mod that allows you to embody Sauron. We owe this mod to the player and creator MaxTheMiracle, who takes pleasure in dressing his character in the villain’s armor. For the sake of aesthetics, this fake Sauron is not the size of the antagonist of the films.

An aspect that is suddenly fixed in a version of the mod that applies Sauron’s appearance to a boss, not the hero. Here, Radagon serves as a guinea pig and the result is rather impressive. It must be said that the two universes stick rather well together and that the talent of the modder is not to be disputed. The final product could still be improved, and it is hoped that the idea can be taken up by Bandai Namco for an official DLC.

A hit series

On the small screen in any case, the Amazon series seems to be a hit. With only two episodes, it seems to have almost everyone in agreement thanks to the beauty of its sets and its special atmosphere. And with a budget that breaks all records, we expected no less. We are however disappointed to rethink the aborted project of the firm, which also initially wanted to embark on a large-scale video game under the banner of the Lord of the Rings.

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