Lost Ark – The Machinist sketches his gameplay and announces himself in the Western version of Lost Ark

The Machinist, Lost Ark’s new class specialization, will be rolling out to the West on September 28. Until then, Amazon Games details the game mechanics of the new playable class.

The western version of Lost Ark is intended to gradually catch up with its South Korean counterpart and, as such, new class specializations are regularly deployed. The next in date will be the Marchinist, expected on the western servers of the MMORPGs this September 28. And while waiting to discover this class specialization concretely, Amazon Games details the gameplay on the official website.

The Machinist is a specialization of the Gunner (Skirmisher) equipped with a “high-tech arsenal and a drone capable of performing precise ranged strikes and unique attacks”. The specialization is also equipped with a Hypersynchro mode allowing to inflict increased damage, thanks to energy cores that must be charged by successful attacks.

Machinist skills are divided into four categories: ordinary, drone, combined, and synchronization. Ordinary skills center around the Machinist’s high-tech arsenal of firearms and grenades, which recharges the Hypersynchro Battery. Drone skills focus on the use of the drone: firing missiles, lasers, and even baby drones for precise ranged strikes. Combined skills focus on the machinist and drone working together in harmony to unleash powerful joint attacks. Finally, Sync Skills are the unique and powerful attacks unleashed by the High-Tech Suit that are only accessible when HyperSynchro is active.

Details of Machinist skills are available here on the official website. Amazon Games also says it is considering organizing “special progression events” that would allow players to quickly progress a (new) character to high-end content. level. What not too put off the players to invest in a new character of Machinist.
As an indication, during its deployment in South Korea in June 2020, the Machinist was then revealed in a gameplay trailer, reproduced below.


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