Lot: in Cahors, work on the building which threatened to collapse should begin in September

the essential
At the beginning of April, the occupants of a building on rue Dominici had to leave their accommodation urgently because of a risk of collapse. Building work is expected to begin in September.

A “risk of imminent collapse of the building”: this is what we can read on the municipal decree dating from April 1, hung on a barrier in rue Dominici, in the old center of Cahors. In order to avoid a tragedy, the tenants of the two apartments in the building concerned had been urgently relocated.

As of March 25, the owners had called on a company to support the facade facing Dominici Street. Five months later, the props continue to support the frame. During the summer, they were even reinforced. Entering the building, whose main entrance is at 107 rue Blanqui, parallel to rue Dominici, is still prohibited until further notice. At the beginning of May, the tenants were authorized to enter the building exceptionally to proceed with their move.

A specific procedure to follow

Work is expected to begin in September. But before that, a particular procedure had to be followed: intervening on a medieval building implies certain rules. “A project manager has been appointed by the owners. He is responsible for making proposals. As we are on what is called a remarkable heritage site, an SPR, the perimeter is protected”, explains Isabelle Hidalgo, director of general and legal affairs of the city of Cahors and Greater Cahors. As provided for in the legislative framework, an ABF, architect of the buildings of France, must then decide before any intervention. “Either this architect will validate the proposals, or he will make prescriptions”, develops Isabelle Hidalgo. This procedure is in progress. In the meantime, “the city regularly monitors [la façade, NDLR]. The owners are very mobilized on this file. They’re doing whatever it takes to make it happen,” she continues.

The building is classified as a remarkable heritage site.
Photo DDM – Line Chopin

The work should then mainly concern the resumption of the masonry of the facade overlooking rue Dominici. According to the decree of April 1, the building presents a “very significant detachment of the lintel of the door, a large crack between the wooden door and the lintel, crumbling, falling materials and an absence of plaster as well as holes on the main facade which has a domed appearance”.

But this exterior work does not mean that the building will immediately become habitable again: a second phase of work will have to be launched, to carry out interior redevelopment.

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