Luis Suarez with no regrets for his hand against Ghana

Luis Suarez did not escape when he found Ghana. While he is only the first vice-captain of Celeste – Diego Godin remaining his stainless armband holder – El Pistolero provided the press conference the day before the match on Thursday. Questions about the fact of the last Uruguay-Ghana match remained in posterity inevitably flared up.

He faced it with authority. “I don’t have to apologizesays the 35-year-old Nacional striker. I touched the ball with my hand and the Ghanaian player (Asamoah Gyan) had a penalty to win the match. He missed it (Gyan sent his shot on the bar). I made no mistake. »

“This is a decisive game. It’s all that matters “

Diego Alonso, Uruguay coach

No spirit of repentance animates him. He insists : “I could apologize if I hurt a player. But the referee sent me off and the opponent was awarded a penalty. It’s not my fault he missed it. If the player had been in my situation, he would have done the same thing. It’s from the past. »

This is also the thesis put forward by many Uruguayan media, and even by Diego Alonso (47). The Celeste coach also doesn’t care about the past. What is at stake in this third and final match of the group stage goes well beyond any spirit of revenge. For Uruguay, it is neither more nor less than a 16e to win in regular time to get out of this group H finally tighter than it seemed, at the time of the draw.

“Every game is a different story.he thus evacuated, Thursday. I don’t know how Ghana will approach it, but whether it’s a rematch or not, for us it’s a decisive game. And that’s all that matters. » Once again, only qualification will be good for Uruguay.