Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR celebrate their three years: what’s next?

Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR celebrate their three years: what’s next?

On December 10, 2019, almost three years ago to the day, Apple made the latest Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR available in stores. There followed excellent feedback from the first testers, who praised the monstrous performance of the first as well as the brilliant images of the second. But since then, no news: the development of these products seems to have stalled. This, without counting on rumors from internal sources that assure that Cupertino is preparing an improved version of the tower…

What gives them credit is that Tim Cook himself had, at the end of 2020, announced that it would only take two years for the transition from Intel chips to the Apple silicon program and targeting all Macs to be complete. The Apple silicon program is the name given to the design of proprietary processors by Cupertino. Among those that are already available on the market, we find the M1, the M1 Pro, the M1 Max, the M1 Ultra and recently the M2 on MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. But none yet equips the famous Mac Pro…

A new screen in preparation?

The Pro Display XDR, for its part, should still have met with relatively anecdotal success given its exorbitant price of €5,499 at least. The monitor has also been joined by a little brother, namely the Studio Display billed from 1,749 euros. A rather good alternative therefore, with a 27-inch format for 5K definition. For comparison, the Pro Display XDR reaches 32 inches but in 6K.

© Unsplash / Aaditya Ailawadhi

Some also think they see landing another 27-inch model but this time with mini-LED technology. The device would therefore, in theory, be more expensive, but will perhaps position itself as the best quality price report of the trio in the opinion of the professionals. It is mainly them that Apple is targeting here, whether they are graphic designers, video editors or even photographers.

It’s grated for 2022

In any case, there are very little chance for Apple to release a Pro Display XDR 2 or a new Mac Pro this year. Indeed, the last quarter is already coming to an end and the manufacturer is mainly focusing on orders that should arrive under the tree for the holiday season at this time. In addition, an announcement would be in order, but the few days left before New Year’s Eve do not really leave room for a keynote worthy of the name. And it’s hard to see Apple betting everything on a press release for such high-end products.

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