macOS Ventura: we explain how to use your iPhone as a webcam for Mac

Apple’s new operating system, macOS Ventura, has a handy feature that lets you use your iPhone’s front camera instead of the Mac’s.

When we know the quality of the webcams present on certain Macs, we can tell you that this is excellent news for remote workers! This feature, called Continuity Camera, is compatible with most iPhones running iOS 16.

Several options available

In addition to better image quality, Continuity Camera offers video effects to improve the experience, but the most interesting is the mode Center Stage, which uses the iPhone’s wide-angle lens to follow you around the room. There is also desk-viewwhich projects an overview of your desktop so you can, for example, show handwritten notes on a board.

Center Stage and Desk View work on iPhone 11 and later — but not iPhone SE — while Studio Light works on iPhone 12 and later.

How to connect iPhone to Mac?

  • Activate Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your two devices (with the same iCloud account);
  • From your iPhone: Settings > General > AirPlay;
  • Activate the Handoff and Continuity options;
  • From your Mac: open FaceTime or another video application, the iPhone camera should take over;
  • If your Mac still uses its own camera: Select your iPhone from the app’s video menu.

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