Macron “disappointed and shocked”

Macron “disappointed and shocked”

AA/Nice/Feïza Ben Mohamed

French President Emmanuel Macron is “really disappointed and really offended” by the dismissive remarks made by the president of the FFF (French football federation), Noël Le Graët, towards Zinedine Zidane, reported on Monday evening. the Minister of Sports, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, at a press conference.

The defendant’s apologies obviously did not calm the situation as he no doubt hoped, and even if she did not openly call for his resignation, the minister’s remarks leave very little room for doubt.

“We are at a critical moment for the future of this federation. Our great players deserve better than what they have today at the head of their federation”, she declared, making “an acknowledgment of bankruptcy, with a flinching word, a freewheeling word, sometimes seriously , repeatedly.

Assuring that the Head of State “is shocked” by the release of Noël Le Graët, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra expressed her fear “of possible new episodes where it is a bit trippy orally”.

She then returned to the reaction of the star of the Blues, Kylian Mbappé, whom she describes as “exemplary”.

“He said it all in a line and a half. bravo Kylian “, she launched.

The president of the FFF actually finds himself in unprecedented turmoil after very problematic remarks against the Ballon d’Or and 1998 world champion.

After discussing the extension of Didier Deschamps’ contract at the head of the Blues until 2026, during an interview with RMC on Sunday evening, Le Graët was asked about Zinedine Zidane, whose name has been mentioned a lot to succeed the current coach whose contract expired at the end of December.

In a contemptuous tone, he let it be known that Zizou had never been approached to coach the French team.

“Zidane in Brazil? I don’t care, he can go where he wants. Did he try to contact me? Certainly not, I would not even have taken it on the phone, ”he assured.

And the president of the FFF to drive the point home: “Zidane does what he wants, that does not concern me. I never met him, we never considered parting with Didier. It does not correspond to anything”.

These statements caused shock and anger in the world of football, where Zinedine Zidane is a true international icon whose career is admired by all, pushing Le Graët to apologize.

In a statement released Monday morning, he acknowledged “clumsy remarks”.

“I would like to apologize for these comments which absolutely do not reflect my thoughts, nor my consideration for the player he was and the coach he has become,” he explained.

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