Major evolution of the NF en 620 standard for the safety of conveyors

For more than 30 years, BRUNONE has been offering solutions and handling equipment for bulk transport by belt conveyors. It stands out in particular in terms of innovation thanks to its very active R&D department. “We have been concerned about security issues for a long time. This has allowed us to actively participate in the improvement of the NF EN 620 standard, relating to the safety of conveyors, specifies René Brunone, its founder and manager. And, after 10 years of work, a new regulation of techniques for protecting against the risks caused by nip points on belt conveyors has finally seen the light of day. ”


Indeed, this standard, published in 2002, provides manufacturers with a presumption of conformity. However, it was not sufficiently adapted to the safety of conveyors in bulk trades. “They have such power that they don’t stop when an operator is grabbed. The risk of having a torn limb or losing your life is very high, adds R. Brunone.

Also, we have requested the revision of this standard to promote new technological solutions on a European scale.”

By collaborating with major organizations, but also with end users, BRUNONE has worked to develop relevant and effective protection solutions. This allows it to now offer a whole range of products to meet this new standard and improve maintenance conditions on conveyor belts.

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