Mark Zuckerberg’s fortune plummeted by $70 billion

It’s a slap for mark zuckerberg. The CEO of Meta saw his fortune melt by $70 billion in 2022 according to Business Insideror even 71 billion dollars, according to the estimates of Bloomberg. As of September 2021, his fortune was estimated at $142 billion. Today it would be between 55.9 and 53.4 billion dollars.

He is therefore only the 20th richest man in the world, far behind Elon Musk. It must be said that since the last quarter of 2021, the company has experienced major upheavals.

In the middle of a storm

Mark Zuckerberg notably changed the name of the company, which includes, in addition to Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, to Meta. At the same time, he announced the new path he is betting on: the metaverse. A change of direction that hasn’t really taken off yet. The Facebook application has lost users, and everything has plummeted together, leading to a change in recruitment policy in recent months. Hiring, starting with engineers, is currently frozen.

The financial health of Mark Zuckerberg is intrinsically linked to that of his company, since it is essentially composed of shares of Meta. If he is not yet wondering how he will heat his house this winter, his employees can worry a little more.

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