Matt Booty brings Perfect Dark development details |  XboxOne

Matt Booty brings Perfect Dark development details | XboxOne

There is no doubt that Perfect Dark is one of the most anticipated games among the long list of projects underway within Xbox Game Studios. However, like many of them, it is experiencing a chaotic development and has not seen any signs of life since its announcement in July 2020. Asked about the subject, Matt Booty took the opportunity to respond to rumors about the state of the studio .

Crystal Dynamics and The Initiative work hand in hand

It was in an interview he gave to the podcast “Friends Per Seconds” that Matt Booty, the boss of Xbox studios, had the opportunity to discuss The Initiative and the way in which the development of Perfect Dark continues. As a reminder, this is a brand new studio set up from scratch by Microsoft with industry veterans in order to produce very big budget games.

Two years after its creation, we learned that the studio was in charge of the reboot of Perfect Dark, but the rest of the story was not as rosy as expected. Over time, the team gradually lost some of its pillars and during this time, Crystal Dynamics, arrived in reinforcement. Rumors about internal problems, especially with regard to leadership, have therefore flourished and it is in this regard that Matt Booty wanted to clarify the situation.

According to him, the problems with the development of Perfect Dark are not related to internal tensions, but to the difficulty of creating an entirely new studio. Creating this new entity from scratch implies the absence of a common history for a team that does not have 10 or 15 years of experience working together and this is what must be built as a priority. Additionally, Microsoft has been experimenting a lot around The Initiative and in particular with dealing with complications related to the covid-19 pandemic.

Matt Booty also insisted that The Initiative and Crystal Dynamics are doing co-development work on the game. There isn’t one team working on their own on the map or the sets, it’s two teams working together to develop the game. Microsoft Flight Simulator, Minecraft Legends or Age of Empires IV were produced in the same way.

We will therefore have to be satisfied with that for the moment, but it still means that development is following its course and that Xbox remains confident vis-à-vis the project which is continuing despite departures and rumors.