Maverick Games – Mike Brown (Playground Games) founds Maverick Games to design open world games

Maverick Games – Mike Brown (Playground Games) founds Maverick Games to design open world games

After having cut his teeth at Playground Games (notably on Forza Horizon 5), Mike Brown founded his own studio, Maverick Games, to design big-budget open-world games. A first title is in development.

For a few years now, the studio Playground Games is dedicated to the development of the Forza Horizon license and Mike Brown, the creative director of the fifth installment in the series of open-world racing games, now announces the creation of its own development studio. baptized Maverick Gamesthe studio displays the beautiful promises of most new developers: “to become a studio that players will love” and, for its employees, a place where “everyone is encouraged to take risks, to be curious, creative, innovative, to be yourself and above all, be “Maverick”” (a “maverick”, resolutely free).

We will judge the future production of the studio on paper, but until then, we nevertheless retain that Maverick Games is already hard at work on a first project, a “premium” game with a big budget intended to immerse players in an open world, and which will be distributed on PC and consoles.

And to ensure the development of this first game, the British studio relies on a team of veterans. Mike Brown, first, a defector from Playground Games and who will manage the studio in addition to a role of creative director, alongside Tom Butcher (executive producer), Matt Craven (technical director), Gareth Harwood (director in charge of content), Ben Penrose (art director) and Fraser Strachan (audio director) who also come from Playground Games, but also from Harinder Sangha, director of operations of the new studio after having cut his teeth at Sumo Digital or even Elly Marshall fromElectronic Arts. We bet that they display the necessary experience to make their new project a reality.