“Mayotte has been calling for help for years”

Mayotte has seen a lot of violence in recent days between young people from rival neighborhoods caused by the murder of one of them. Calm in this French department located in the Indian Ocean has returned in some areas, but not everywhere, and the situation remains very tense. A provisional report shows three dead and dozens injured. The point with the deputy of Mayotte Estelle Youssoufa.

For MP Estelle Youssoufa, calm is “ precarious “, but he is ” revenue in Mayotte. The members of the Raid, who were sent from the metropolis, she further said, ” are there and working, they were stoned, attacked when they went to a village to try to make arrests […]. The majority of those who sow terror in Mayotte are minors in an irregular situation, Comorians who are isolated, who have no adult supervision, and who have formed themselves into extremely violent gangs. I consider like others that the situation can change overnight. »

A ” sovereignty shock »

It’s been yearslaunches Estelle Youssoufa, that Mayotte calls for help […]. We, what we need is a shock of sovereignty, that those who are in an irregular situation be expelled, whatever their age. When we ask for a state of emergency in Mayotte, it is not an easy measure for us parliamentarians, to ask for the suspension of the right, it is all the same an extremely serious measure because we consider that the situation is extremely severe. »

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