Meelk, the first vegetable milk to dilute at home

Meelk, the first vegetable milk to dilute at home

Meelk is an organic and gourmet vegetable drink, to be diluted at home in 30 seconds.

Disappointed by commercial vegetable drinks, with a very diluted taste, 97% water, and filled with additives, we imagined a healthier and super gourmet solution. » explains the brand on its pre-sale campaign on

Meelk is therefore the first organic vegetable drink to be easily diluted at home, made with a single ingredient to rediscover the true taste of almonds or hazelnuts.

100% organic almonds or hazelnuts and nothing else!

Rediscovering the true taste of almonds or hazelnuts, such was the objective of this new brand. Almonds and hazelnuts from organic farming grow under the hot Mediterranean sun. After a meticulous quality control, they are crushed and separated from the remains of humidity to give them a unique and authentic taste. They are then delicately crushed in order to obtain a creamy concentrate and a pure taste without any additives.

A customizable milk according to your tastes

The icing on the cake, you are free to dose your drink to your liking. If you like it smoother, just add a bit more concentrate when mixing. And vice versa! The ease of manufacture will allow you to create a tailor-made milk for each member of the family, adapted to different times of the day or even to different uses.

Zero-waste packaging

Say goodbye to TetraPak bottles that are heavy to transport, difficult to store… and moreover moderately recyclable. Meelk concentrates are stored in small glass bottles that each correspond to 5 bottles of standard TetraPak once the product is diluted. A packaging that, in addition to reducing the environmental impact of drinks, allows you to keep all the nutrients.

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