Mendes’ relationship with Ferguson as Cristiano Ronaldo saga continues

Mendes’ relationship with Ferguson as Cristiano Ronaldo saga continues

Cristiano Ronaldo still wants to leave Manchester United, but his agent, Jorge Mendes, is trying to maintain good relations with the various managers at Old Trafford.

Arranging a departure in football is never easy, regardless of your status in the game.

So when Cristiano Ronaldo, Sir Alex Ferguson and Jorge Mendes are involved, it’s pretty big business. For four months, Manchester United legend Cristiano Ronaldo has been trying to leave Old Trafford but his wish has yet to be granted as the Red Devils were unwilling to give him up during the summer transfer window.

Super-agent Mendes is still tasked with ensuring his megastar client gets his way soon enough, just as he was in 2008 when he dealt with then-United boss Ferguson, the opposite of his role to advise today. 14 years ago, during Ronaldo’s first stint in Manchester, the No.7 wanted to join Spanish giants Real Madrid, who had just won the Champions League after three successive Premier League titles.

Mendes and Ferguson had, of course, dealt with each other on numerous occasions before Ronaldo insisted on leaving in 2008, but the agent and manager cemented their relationship when they ended up being exactly on the same wavelength regarding the striker’s future.

In 2017, Ferguson praised the ‘incredible’ Mendes for sacrificing his self-interest in order to convince Ronaldo to stay at Old Trafford for another year and improve his career. “At the time, [Ramon] Calderon was a candidate for the Real Madrid presidency and used Cristiano as a reason to vote for him, which was unseemly of him,” the Scotsman told France Football.

“I flew to Lisbon to meet Cristiano at the house of [l’entraîneur portugais] Carlos Queiroz. I said to him: ‘You will not leave this year. I don’t want to sell you to Calderon. But if you play well, you will leave later.

“Jorge Mendes was amazing. He didn’t want Cristiano to leave. He felt he wasn’t ready. He put aside his financial interests as well as those of the player – all that money he could have earned – for Cristiano’s career, including that incredible 2008-2009 season”.

“He knew I wouldn’t go back on my promise. His focus and work ethic were wonderful. In 2009, Florentino Perez became president of Real, which made it easier for us to work with him regarding his transfer. »

As relayed by the Mail, a passage from the book reads as follows: “Mendes succeeded. He even positioned himself at the table so Ferguson couldn’t see the unsightly mess that was his ear. It was a heroic effort, but without result. Mendes, his ear throbbing and heavily bandaged, said no more than four words during the entire meeting”.

The pair reunited last July when Ronaldo returned to the Carrington training center for the first time since May to discuss his future. Although the 37-year-old has made it clear that he wants to leave, it’s obvious that he and Mendes would take no pleasure in tarnishing their respective relationship with Ferguson to force a transfer.

The former Red Devils manager is still a member of the club’s advisory board, and his opinion on Ronaldo’s latest saga should carry a lot of weight at Old Trafford. After weeks of debate and drama surrounding his future, United are expected to allow their iconic player to leave after the World Cup in January, given his struggles under new manager Erik ten Hag – and this may be the best outcome for all parties.