Meta confirms its Quest 3 headset will arrive in 2023

Meta is already talking about its Quest 3 virtual reality headset. This should arrive in 2023 and would take up some elements of the Quest Pro.

The $1,500 Meta Quest Pro headset has been on sale for a bit, but the company is already teasing the next version of its headset. virtual reality General public. During its most recent financial results presentation, Chief Financial Officer Dave Whener said “the next generation of Quest consumer headsets will be coming”next year“.

mark zuckerberg a, too, refers to “the next generation of our mainstream Quest headset”. Without explicitly naming the product, there is no doubt that it was the Meta Quest 3. It is difficult to know precisely when this helmet could be launched, but, in the past, the Cupertino company has introduced its new helmets to the fall to take advantage of its annual Connect event.

It’s not the first time that mark zuckerberg mentions this Quest 3. He had already told analyst Ben Thompson earlier this month that the Quest 3 was in the works and would most likely be priced between $300 and $500. That would put it in the same segment as previous Quest headsets — the Quest 2 started at $299 — rather than the Quest Pro.

This one should arrive in 2023 and would take over some elements of the Quest Pro

Although the Quest 3 is offered at a much more contained price than the Quest Pro, there are signs that Meta may integrate some elements of its most high-end headset. As UploadVR specifies it, Mark Zuckerberg had declared that the tracking of the face and the eyes would be “in the center of the attention”. Several rumors already hint that the Quest 3 would have lenses similar to those of the Quest Pro.

In any case, there is no doubt that virtual reality will progress enormously with such a helmet. See you at the end of next year.

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