Meta launches the “Creators of tomorrow” campaign to promote talent in Africa

Meta announced on Tuesday, September 6, the launch of a new campaign to promote and highlight content creators from sub-Saharan Africa.

(Cio Mag) – “Creators of tomorrox” is the new campaign launched by the American tech giant to celebrate and highlight emerging talents evolving on the continent. It also aims to encourage African talents who carry the continent’s flag high on Meta’s platforms, thanks to content on fashion, comedy, gastronomy, travel and political exchanges.

This campaign identified ten African creators. Two from Kenya, one from Uganda, one from South Africa, one from Zambia, one from Zimbabwe, two from Ivory Coast and two others from Senegal. Through this initiative, Meta is committed to “Help them grow their audience, build their business, and open up new opportunities for the future as we grow for the Metaverse,” said in a press release, Moon Baz, head of creative partnerships in the Middle East, Africa and Turkey, at Meta.

For the success of this campaign, the American giant intends to organize workshops and training in South Africa and Kenya in order to provide support for these creators. They will also participate in the week of creations scheduled for November in London, England. According to the Meta press release, this meeting will be an opportunity to share experiences and collaborate between content creators from Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

As a reminder, Meta has been present in Africa since 2015. It is launching this campaign after the launch of the call for applications, at the end of August, for its program “AR/VR Africa Metathon” which aims to help African augmented reality talents create innovative solutions.

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