Meta will give its Quest 2 a boost via an update

Meta will give its Quest 2 a boost via an update

More than two years after its release, the Quest 2 has not said its last word. Meta comes to announce a new update that will boost the GPU frequency of its virtual reality headset: developers will be able to take advantage of 7% more computing power.

The maximum frequency will increase from 490 MHz to 525 MHz if the need arises. This should be an automatic update applied to all headsets, not a new full system update. According to Meta, this increase in power should allow ” exploit higher pixel density without drastically reducing resolution “. Meta ensures app visuals will look better, without sacrificing resolution.

The system will be a bit restrictive: you will first have to open an application, remove your headphones and then put them back on to take advantage of the increased power. The manipulation will no longer be necessary when v49 is released (Meta released v47 in early December). A spokesperson explains to The Verge that he does not expect a big impact on the battery: the additional power consumption will be low and reserved for cases where a boost on the GPU side is actively needed.

This update comes at a time when the specialist division of the company is in trouble: the famous developer John Carmack has slammed the door a few days ago while Meta’s VR apps cost a fortune without attracting crowds. At the hardware level, Meta has just presented its Quest Pro while a more affordable Quest 3 should be presented next year.