Microsoft buys a US newspaper page to promote its openness to unions |  Xbox One

Microsoft buys a US newspaper page to promote its openness to unions | Xbox One

Microsoft is in full swing, while the preliminary hearing with the FTC has started. The American company is trying to convince the authorities of the benefit of its takeover of the Activision – Blizzard – King group… And the general public?

Buy-back operation

We can say that Microsoft is doing things big to promote its takeover of the Activision – Blizzard – King group. The transaction is still far from being recorded and the Redmond firm is putting its assets forward in order to convince antitrust entities around the world. After one violent charge towards the FTC, the American jurisdiction in charge of giving its approval to the case, Microsoft had amends and continue on this path.

Journalist Tom Warren, from The Verge site, unveiled on his Twitter account a reproduction of a page from The Washington Post newspaper, in its American edition, bought by Microsoft and in which the group advocates openness. In this text, Microsoft talks about its desire to “create the best possible workplaces”. This comes just days after recognized the benefits of the creation of a new ZeniMax syndicate.

A new year opens new doors

As we enter the new year, we remain committed to creating the best possible workplaces for people who make their living in technology. When unions and management make their voices heard at the bargaining table, employees, shareholders and customers benefit.

This includes the more than 300 employees of Microsoft’s ZeniMax Media studios who exercised their legal right to vote to form a union. This move is part of the groundbreaking new Neutral Labor Principles that the Communications Workers of America and Microsoft established last year. Sometime in 2023, we hope to bring the same deal and principles to Activision Blizzard, which Microsoft has offered to acquire.

We’re not asking the FTC to ignore competition concerns. On the contrary, we believe it is important to explore solutions that protect competition and consumers while promoting the needs of workers, economic growth and American innovation.

We believe this is the spirit that led Congress to create the FTC in 1914.

It is a spirit that deserves to be kept alive today.

An entire paragraph is also dedicated to the FTC, since the Redmond firm seems to be backtracking after the shock statements from Microsoft and Activision. After the apologies, this text therefore makes it possible to approve (and charm?) the members of this American entity, whose final judgment could be possibly bypassed in the event of the issuance of a negative opinion concerning the redemption. Microsoft tries to convince by all possible means. Answer within several weeks.