Microsoft multiplies agreements with Chinese publishers to compete with Sony

Microsoft multiplies agreements with Chinese publishers to compete with Sony

In order to relaunch itself in the video game market and find a success equivalent to the Genshin Impact phenomenon on the Sony PlayStation, Microsoft is more motivated than ever. To achieve this, Satya Nadella’s firm has set up a team whose objective is to unearth high-potential Chinese video games and sign exclusivity agreements with their publishers.

Sony’s successes worry its competitor

In order to compete with its number 1 rival, Sony, in the world of video game consoles, Microsoft is trying to find interesting video game titles from little-known publishers, often Chinese. For several years now, whether on the side of the playstation or the Xboxagreements are signed with these developers in order to guarantee the exclusivity of the publisher’s video games on one of the two platforms.

However, the success of Genshin Impact, an action-RPG video game that can be played in single or multiplayer, has created a feeling of angst at Microsoft according to information from Reuters. Indeed, the video game of the Chinese publisher MiHoYo, had, according to figures from, more than 60 million players in September 2022. A good part of these players use their console which is necessarily a PlayStation 4 or a PlayStation 5: the Chinese developer has an exclusive contract for the distribution of its games with Sony.

For Sony, this game is a veritable gold mine since, in addition to generating billions of dollars since its release two years ago, it has raised the bar of gameplay and graphics for multiplayer games of this style.

Microsoft wants to find its Genshin Impact for the Xbox

To try, in turn, to surf on the growing interest of Western players vis-à-vis these multiplayer titles from China, Microsoft has set up a team dedicated to finding talented publishers. If the Californian giant has expanded its library of games with titles developed by major publishers, it realizes that independent studios also have great potential. For example, Microsoft paid 4.8 million dollars to obtain the exclusive exploitation of the game ARK: Survival Evolved as well as its sequel, ARK 2, developed by the American Studio Wildcard, a studio owned by the Chinese Snail Games.

Along the same lines, Luo Zixiong, the general manager of Recreate Games, a Shanghai-based publisher, said that ” Xbox has contacted many projects in China and these projects mainly focus on developing console and PC games. “. An agreement has also been signed with this studio for its next multiplayer video game Party Animals, which will be available exclusively on Xbox.