MMA: Victory of Reug Reug over Uzbek Jasur, Look! (video)

Reug Reug won his 5th professional MMA victory by defeating Uzbekistan’s Jasur Mirzamukhamedov by unanimous decision.

It was one of the attractions of the MMA evening organized by One Championship and the Senegalese Reug Reug did not disappoint. But for once it’s not by KO or TKO, because Reug Reug had to go after the allotted time of 15 mns (3 rounds of 5 mns) and obtained his victory Uzbek Jasur Mirzamukhamedov by unanimous decision of the jury.

A great victory therefore for the Senegalese “wrestler” Reug Reug who therefore continues his MMA adventure victoriously and can now concentrate on preparing for his planned Senegalese wrestling fight against Sa ThiΓ¨s.